Designing a modern data stack and warehouse for a mobility provider to steer the core business process.


  1. Consulting

  2. Design

  3. Implementation

Our role

When a client, with a strong bundling of services in the automotive sector that offers a total package of mobility solutions, asked us to provide a solution to tackle daily hurdle for marketing and supply chain numbers we didn’t hesitate. We defined new KPI’s, applied some logic on it, transferred the data from old on-premise systems to the cloud and designed a dashboard for daily updates of the KPI’s.

The challenge

The family owned business with a strong passion for automotive sees one of their units grow rapidly and wanted to be able to ‘steer’ the organization based on daily numbers. As the complexity of the unit, they needed to integrate data from several different systems. Next to that, the data needed to be enriched in order to be useful as daily information.

The solution

From start to end, we guided the customer through the whole process and consulted, created and implemented the new solution. In several design sessions, we defined which sources were needed and what calculations where necessary to generate daily relevant insights. We also created the technical design of the solution and provisioned the needed hardware.
When all this ‘business logic’ was clear, we implemented the logic in the Data Warehouse and facilitated easy validation of all that data.

The outcome

Immediate result of process was the improvement of the core business with shorter data cycles. The client can easily follow up on customer quotations and has access to a real time overview of the availability of rental cars. Simply said: we helped our client with an efficient way of working that resulted in a better cost and turnover balance.

  • Multiple on-premise databases combined in

    1 data warehouse 

  • Daily calculated KPIs for six business lines

    ± 30 KPIs

  • Daily financial insights for multiple administrations